AJS Profiles at MACH 2014

MACH 2014 is the UK’s largest event for Manufacturing Technologies. Over five days, more than 20,000 visitors will see some 500 exhibitors putting their latest technologies and innovations through their paces. The Photo below shows AJS Profiles flamecut and lumsden ground logo (see video of it being cut and ground here) at Mach 2014. The plasma machine in the background of the picture is from Kerf Developments – we currently have 3 of their fantastic machines –  the best cutting machines in the marketplace.


Bill’s got dressed in the dark AGAIN!!


Super salesman Bill Gould, a man known for his flamboyant clothes, has got dressed in the dark again!! What you cant see on the picture are his red trousers and orange shoes!
IMG_0732He has got his magnifying glass out though and that normally means he is busy quoting steel profiles and lumsden grinding at competitive prices!!


Word Up Bill!

Super salesman Bill Gould has gone all trendy on us this week

He thinks his new look makes him look more youthful and hip. The only relevant hip” about Bill is the plastic one he will have to have soon due to old age!!