New Factory Part 4

One of the 2 new steel profiling machines is up and running with a water-bed.

This drastically reduces the amount of dust that is generated and helps keep the factory clean. The rails are being fitted today for the other new steel profiling machine. This should be up and running by the end of the week.

IMG_2602IMG_2608 IMG_2623

New Factory Part 3

AJS Profiles new 25,000 square foot factory is coming along nicely. We have recently added a New Kerf RUM 4000 cutting machine (cuts over 3600mm wide) and a 24″ Lumsden Grinder (see pictures below).

AJS Profiles now has one of each (and 2 x 100″) of the Rotary Lumsden Grinding Machines that Lumsden ever built.

Our Range consists of a 24″ Lumsden grinder, 36″ Lumsden grinder, 48″ Lumsden grinder, 60″ Lumsden grinder, 72″ Lumsden grinder, 84″ Lumsden grinder, 2 x 100″ Lumsden grinders, 126″ Lumsden grinder, 130″ Lumsden grinder and a 135″ Lumsden grinder – the largest Lumsden ever built.

This capacity of large Lumsden grinding machines (100″ – 135″) is by far the biggest in the Universe. These machines allow us to cut and grind our customers blanks in 3 days or less in most cases.

Soon to arrive is another brand new Kerf cutting machine – watch this space!!