300mm thick steel being profiled on “The beast”

AJS Profiles are continually investing in the best steel profiling and Lumsden grinding machinery available on the market.

Kerf Developments have designed a bespoke steel profiling machine for us to cut really thick steel profiles. We’ve nicknamed the machine “The Beast” and what a beauty she is!!

The video below (Click the blue link) shows the steel profiling machine cutting 300mm thick plate with ease. It has been designed to cut up to 500mm thick but first indications are that it will cut much thicker than this.


Another “dodgy dresser” joins AJS Profiles

As you are all aware, Super salesman Bill Gould is colour blind when it comes to getting dressed! However our new recruit seems to be as bad….

David Humphreys (pictured) has joined AJS Profiles from Midland Steel Profiles. He has a wealth of experience after working in the steel profiling trade for the past 33 years. However, his dress sense leaves a lot to be desired. Joanna Lumley has already asked for her blouse and cardigan back