The art of loading a furnace

The image below shows how a furnace should be properly loaded with profiles blanks. If you notice, each blank is separated by small pieces of steel which allows the flow of the heat to penetrate each blank. This allows each blank to be correctly stress relieved.

The idea of stress relieving steel profiles is to remove the stress caused in the profiling process. If a blank is to be machined, drilled or fabricated after profiling it is highly recommended to have it stress relieved.image

The BIGGEST Lumsden Grinders in the UK

Here at AJS Profiles we pride ourselves on being the biggest and best when it comes to Lumsden Grinding. We have the following machines on site in Smethwick –IMG_3792

1 x 135 inch – The Biggest in the world!!, 1 x 126 inch, 4 x 100 inch, 1 x 84 inch, 1 x 72 inch, 3 x 60 inch, 3 x 48 inch, 2 x 36 inch, 1 x 24 inch and 2 Reciprocating Lumsden Grinders – with one being the Largest in the world – that will accommodate up to 5.5 metres long!!


That’s 19 Lumsden Grinders in total – The most in the UK by a distance!!

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