Large lumsden grinding and thick steel flamecutting

No-one in the UK apart from AJS Profiles can cut 330mm thick steel plate and grind a 3400mm diameter steel profile in the same factory . Click on the link below to see both large Lumsden Grinding and thick steel profiling in action. The largest Lumsden Grinder we have has a 3430mm diameter table – the largest in the UK. AJS Profiles stock up to 500mm thick plate and lead times are normally half that of our competitors.

Faster than a speeding bullet!!

Here at AJS Profiles we pride ourselves on quick deliveries of our steel profiles and lumsden ground blanks. We offer a 24 hour service for customers who require a really quick turnaround – We have done a steel profile this week that was cut, stress relieved and ground in 24 hours! The industry standard lead time for a steel profile that is cut, stress relieved and ground is approximately 7-10 working days!

We are currently experiencing a huge surge in business with many new customers coming to AJS Profiles because our lead times are way below industry averages.

Its always nice to hear compliments and we are getting plenty at the moment –  we even had a customer telling us to add a bit more money onto the order because “AJS profiles look after us so well and we are so happy with your service!” That is a first for us!!

For all your steel profiles and lumsden grinding needs, give AJS Profiles a call.