“You never stand still in business, you either continue to go forward or you slip backwards”

Wise words that someone once said (I cant remeber who it was!).

At AJS Profiles, we continue to move forward by investing in new machinery, to stay ahead of our competition. Our newest additions are a 400 amp Plasma cutting machine in factory number 2 and a new 4 head steel profiling machine in Factory Number 1. 



Early 2022 saw the retirement of two AJS Profiles Legends.

Dave Moore has been operating the companies Lumsden Grinders since the 1980s and Dave Humphries has been a crucial part of AJS Profiles growth over the past decade. Both “Daves” will be sorely missed and sore heads were suffered by all at the retirement party that we threw for them (pictures above).

The good looking chap in the bottom right hand corner of the above picture is Steve “Ginger Bear” Harris. Steve brings with him a wealth of experience in the steel profiling trade. Steve has replaced Dave and joins us as Works Director.

The Photo below shows the Jedi master teaching his young apprentice the finer points of the steel profiling trade. (I actually think they are doing the sandwich list for lunch!)

The Future is Bright….The Future is GInger…..