“You never stand still in business, you either continue to go forward or you slip backwards”

Wise words that someone once said (I cant remeber who it was!).

At AJS Profiles, we continue to move forward by investing in new machinery, to stay ahead of our competition. Our newest additions are a 400 amp Plasma cutting machine in factory number 2 and a new 4 head steel profiling machine in Factory Number 1. 



Early 2022 saw the retirement of two AJS Profiles Legends.

Dave Moore has been operating the companies Lumsden Grinders since the 1980s and Dave Humphries has been a crucial part of AJS Profiles growth over the past decade. Both “Daves” will be sorely missed and sore heads were suffered by all at the retirement party that we threw for them (pictures above).

The good looking chap in the bottom right hand corner of the above picture is Steve “Ginger Bear” Harris. Steve brings with him a wealth of experience in the steel profiling trade. Steve has replaced Dave and joins us as Works Director.

The Photo below shows the Jedi master teaching his young apprentice the finer points of the steel profiling trade. (I actually think they are doing the sandwich list for lunch!)

The Future is Bright….The Future is GInger…..


Our motto here at AJS Profiles is “never stand still”, we are constantly looking to add new machinery or  different grade of stock to stay ahead of the competition. so far in 2021 we have increased our levels of stock dramatically and purchased a new 4 headed gas cutting machine and a state of the art 400 amp plasma machine that will cut up to 50mm thick. the beauty of a plasma is that it cuts approximately 6 times quicker than a gas cutting machine. the video below shows it in action.


Here at AJS Profiles we don’t feel the need to ask our wonderful customers about how happy they are via an online survey. We have found a mind blowing way of finding this information out….. Its called a telephone !

Our fantastic sales team led by the one and only steel profiling super salesman Bill Gould (aka Liberace) have decades of experience using the phone to communicate with our customers.

Between Dave Humphreys (aka Posh Dave), Neil Webb (Fluff), Morris Shakespeare (Mozza), Dave Green (Professor Green) and Mike Hinds (MikeyBoy) –  AJS Profiles have approximately 200 years experience of selling Steel Profiles and Lumsden Grinding. We feel that having this knowledge and experience available on the phone  between the hours of 7am and 6pm is far more important to our customers than asking for participation in an online survey.

We know our customers think we are “the best” as they keep sending their orders and we keep delivering steel profiles and Lumsden Ground blanks to them in half the time of the rest of the industry.

Give us a bell today with your steel profiling and Lumsden grinding needs – after all, its good to talk !!


We like bragging here at AJS Profiles at how good we are at steel profiling and Lumsden Grinding. Other steel profiling companies can cut thick material, but very few can cut 400mm thick steel profiles and Lumsden grind them too. This job was a breakdown and was required in 24 hours. AJS Profiles offer a same day service for urgent breakdowns, so if you need steel profiles quick, contact our sales team.


AJS Profiles are proud to announce the sponsorship of the 5th hole at Halesowen Golf Club. Anyone who has played Halesowen golf course will know that the 5th hole is a real beast of a par 4. The photos below show the new signage and we think it looks great.

If anyone of our existing, or prospective new customers fancies a round of golf, get in contact with us. We have corporate membership and our resident professional and Director Anthony Shanian (pictured) would be more than happy to thrash all of you!!

For all of your Steel profiling, Lumsden grinding and golfing requirements, contact our sales team.

Spot the difference

Whats the difference between a legendary country and western singer, a celebrity chef and a steel profile and lumsden grinding salesman??? not much by the looks of it!

Super salesman Bill Gould can’t sing and he certainly cant bake but he has a great knowledge of everything related to Steel Profiles and Lumsden Ground blanks – give him a call today…. but dont ask him to sing!!