Here at AJS Profiles we don’t feel the need to ask our wonderful customers about how happy they are via an online survey. We have found a mind blowing way of finding this information out….. Its called a telephone !

Our fantastic sales team led by the one and only steel profiling super salesman Bill Gould (aka Liberace) have decades of experience using the phone to communicate with our customers.

Between Dave Humphreys (aka Posh Dave), Neil Webb (Fluff), Morris Shakespeare (Mozza), Dave Green (Professor Green) and Mike Hinds (MikeyBoy) –¬† AJS Profiles have approximately 200 years experience of selling Steel Profiles and Lumsden Grinding. We feel that having this knowledge and experience available on the phone¬† between the hours of 7am and 6pm is far more important to our customers than asking for participation in an online survey.

We know our customers think we are “the best” as they keep sending their orders and we keep delivering steel profiles and Lumsden Ground blanks to them in half the time of the rest of the industry.

Give us a bell today with your steel profiling and Lumsden grinding needs – after all, its good to talk !!

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